05 December, 2014

[Open Source] Talks @ Contributor's Meetup at Ahmedabad University

2nd December 2014:

I was invited to Ahmedabad University to deliver a lecture on - What is open source ? and how to get started with contributing in FOSS ? I introduced them to some programs like Google Summer of Code, Google Code In, Outreach Program for Women, Season of KDE, Rails Girls Summer of Code etc.

I covered the program "Google Summer of Code" in detail. The highlights of the talk were -
1. What is the program ?
2. What are the goals of the program ?
3.How does the Google Summer of Code program work ?
4. Timeline for this year
6. Participating projects
7. Why should I participate
8. Some useful links.
[The link to presentation I presented]

In the second part of the talk, I shared my experience and past journey contributing in open source. I also highlighted the fact that apart from contributing code to the codebase of any project, there are many other ways. One could contribute to documentation, testing, quality assurance, user interface, managing the community or even just promoting product via tweeting/facebooking. Each and every type of the contribution is equally respectable and how OPW provides a platform to woman to start contributing. I also informed that OPW runs twice a year.

I also made them aware about "Season of KDE", in which I am currently mentoring. How it runs and what kind of experience you would have, participating in it, and why they should participate in it.

In the last part of the talk, I told them about Git and Github - a distributed Version Control System and gave them a small demo of working locally as well as remotely with a large code-base.

This was one of the best audience I came across. They were highly motivated by the talk and really wanted to start contributing to open source. They asked for one more hands-on workshop or hackathon or something of that sort, which would give them a quick-start. So, we are planning to have our next meetup on 4th January 2015 (tentative). Until then, they asked for some homework.

So, this goes for you too, if you are one who has been thinking to contribute in open source for a long time, but hasn't had that click to start, you can start doing this homework ! 1. Choose an open source project that interests you (Search via tags in accepted organizations list as I showed during presentation) 2. Find out their IRC channel and hang around it. Introducing you to the community is a plus ! 3. Get the source code of the project. 4. Build it from source. 5. Find out some beginners' task to solve. This is really a difficult step and we are planning to emphasize on this in the meetup on 4th January 2015. Do consider attending this meetup. I can assure you a great feeling of accomplishment and learning something new and life-changing.

Looking forward to meet you at Ahmedabad University on Jan 4. :)

If you have any questions, you can post it below in comments or mail me at kesha(dot)shah1106(at)gmail(dot)com

And yeah, Thank You AU for such an awesome personalized doodle. I can definitely say that it was one of the best gifts I received. Thank You ! :)

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