17 November, 2014

[Learn IT girls!] Mentoring Ruby on Rails - 1

Voila ! I am so excited to let you all know that this winter, I will be part of Learn IT girls program !

What is Learn IT girls ? What is their aim ?
Our aim is to help women learn a programming language while doing an awesome project! But don't worry, you're not alone in this journey, each scholar has a mentor that guides them on their path. There are many roads you can take and we will make sure you go on the one that is best for you - without missing out on the important features of the chosen language.

I will be mentoring +Dinu Sandaru and the programming language is Ruby and Rails. She is from Sri-Lanka. I was in contact with her before she was assigned as a student to me. She is also selected to participate in Season of KDE 2014.

Last week we met over various social networking platforms, connects and learn more about each-other, about what she wants, and try to help her choose the best application for her. I shared some resources with her to have a starting point. We brainstormed many projects in the past week and finalized an application for expense splitting. She made a list of features to be incorporated and I shared some basic UI models over whatsapp. The next step is framing classes, modules etc, which will be implemented over the next few months ! :)

The next blog-posts for the entire program are on the way and most of them will be posted by +Dinu.

Wish you all the best dearie ! <3 

Let rock with an awesome app at the end of this program ! :*


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