05 December, 2014

Wrapping Up Semester 7

 Yay ! Its finally my favorite time of the year again (Hopefully not the last ! :( ). Time to analyze past 4 months, semester 7 of my under-graduation. Like past semesters ( some parts from Semester 6 continued :D ), here are some highlights: 
  • Results of CLEF ehealth task announced. The results very pretty favorable ( 4th position internationally). With this, my first paper of under-graduation published :) ) - "User-Centered Information Retrieval system for Clinical Documents, Conference and Labs for Evaluation Forum (CLEF), 15-18th September, 2014, Sheffield - UK "
  • Participated in Document Similarity Task- FIRE 2014.( Second paper of under-graduation. :) ) - " Playing with distances: Document Similarity Amid Automatically Detected Terms, Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation, 5-7th Decemeber, 2014, Bangalore - India "
  • I am right now at ISI,Bangalore attending FIRE 2014 - Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation.
  • Next, I am planning to participate in SemEval 2015 - Analysis of Clinical Text
  • Mentor for program Learn IT girls! ( teaching a new language/tool to a female ). I would be mentoring +Dinu Sandaru to learn Ruby and Rails by making an app - Expense Splitter.
  • Mentoring in Season Of KDE. Guiding +Sai Krishna and +Aarsee Aeron to add activities to GCompris, an eduacational Suite under KDE.
  • Mentoring for organizations BRL-CAD and KDE in Google Code In helping young pre-university students to enter into the world of Open Source.
  • Teaching Assistant for IT105 course- Introduction To Programming Course for freshman at DAIICT. 
  • Anti-Ragging Committee, member.
  • Called for on-site Interview for one of my dream company - Google !
  • A unique exposure at the Tech Expo Event, Morgan Stanley.
  • Awarded the scholarship for Grace Hopper Conference for Women In Computing, but couldn't attend it due to university exams ! :(
  • Speaker for Open Source Meetup at Ahmedabad University.
    There are some more updates, but unfortunately, I think this is not the right platform at this time. It would be published soon. Stay tunned to my blog :)

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