17 November, 2017

Showcase - Show you talent - 1st Prize

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy - I am sure you might have known this sexist (:P) English proverb, but the same extends for Girls too :)

The university days, are ofcourse filled with fun, activities, cultural events, movie nights, etc every other day. But, gone are those days when you enter the professional world!

Showcase is a theme based act/skit performance challenge, organised annually.

2016: Theme: Anti-Itching Lotion Act

(PS: You can find me at 06:20- 07:30 in the video)

Though, we did not win the competition, we did learn a lot from our mistakes and promised to make a rocking entry back again the following year.


2017: Theme: The Unreality of Reality Show Act

(PS: You can find me at 03:55-04:40 and again from 06:12-07:15 in the video)

This year, we had a bang-on performance with securing 1st place amongst 6 teams that participated.. :woot: :woot:

Work hard, party harder... \m/

Stay tuned for more updates of Showcase next year ;) 

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