18 November, 2017

GHCI 2017 - What is your access modifier?

While I am attending GHCI 2017, I am off-work, but the “nerdy” side of me is never off-programming. So, today I decided to apply Object Oriented Principals, not to Java code for a change - but to my experience at GHCI.

I have information classified into 3 abstraction layers.

  1. Public:
Print “Hello, World!”. Yes, the entire world, this is for you - you can know about my GHCI experience here at - https://keshashah.blogspot.in/2017/11/ghci-2017-day-1.html

  1. Protected:
This layer comes with a twist. For you to access this information, unlike OOPs, you do not need to inherit me ( I don’t really mind inheriting you, until I get a place in your will ;) ) You can have access to this information if we all inherit from same parent class “Morgan Stanley” \m/
If you are authorized to view, you can drop in a request/email id to view it when you open the link below.

  1. Private:
You can add - static, final, abstract, singleton, volatile or whatever keyword that you can think of, coz the information is only with “I, Me and Myself” :P
$chmod 700.
Please don’t ask for information link here, because I don’t have any - oh, you had wished that reader!

If you really wanna know #3, I don’t mind some chocolates or cookies. India is corrupted and I have no plans to eradicate bribery ;)

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