12 May, 2013

50% Er. Kesha Shah

Yupiie, Semester 4 comes to an end. I never learnt so much as I did this semester. Looking back at past 3 semester, I feel they were a complete waste ! Not actually , though. If I had got this kind of exposure a year ago, I would be a better knowledge human being that now. But, its better to be late than never. Its never too late to mend.

The most highlights of this semester were-

1. I was introduced to open-source communities. I was an active participant at KDE-MEETUP 2013, a two day workshop held at our university. This made my interest grow and made up my mind to start contributing towards it. And today I totally love doing that job in my pass-time :) :*

2. Contributed for Out-reach program for KDE and wrote an article on meetup for dot. Interacted with Pradeepto, the member of board of directors, Carl Symons and his mentor, the editor for dot.kde.org.

3. Completed the TEXAS INSTRUMENTS project started last semester. Though we weren't selected for top3, learnt a lot many things by doing such a huge project.

4. Started android development. A SIG (Special Interest Group) was created in which experts from Monday Mobile came to teach about Android Development. The basics were covered this semester,  with their plan to continue it in next semester.

5. Made an attendance system as a part of Analog Circuits (EL) project. Applied the concepts of BJT's, MOSFETs , Opamps and filters learnt in the course practically. Further, combined it with MSP430 microprocessor and Arduino programming and connected it with intranet of DA-IICT to show the photo of the ID which had entered the class to avoid proxy attendance.

6. Learnt to live life independently. Not being dependent on others. Without worrying about what people bitches and gossips, I learnt to do whatever I feel right. This gave me huge confidence in me and I love the way I am now. :)

7. Made some contributions to the programming-club at DA-IICT. Participated in contest and earned a T-shirt for my programming skills. Also, learnt to set a contest and contributed a problem on spoj ( SPhere Online Judge), for a contest made for juniors. Planning to be in the core committee of programming club at DA-IICT.

8. Started writing article for entelechy - the editorial for DA-IICT.

9. Being highest CPI till last semester, I thought I don't need to study hard this time. And started studying a fortnight before exams. Guess what, this semester also I topped with 9.74 SPI . Thanks to environmental studies for the loss of 0.26. Except for that, an AA grade in all courses. :)

10. Being in the list of "Heros of DA-IICT" for donating blood in the blood donation camp.

11. Won a cool t-shirt from programming club @daiict for my programming skills.  Planning to be committee-member in future.

12. Started writing this blog ! Hope to maintain it :)

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