25 March, 2013


This was my first Electronics Project, guided by Prof. Chetan Parikh in 1st semester of DA-IICT. Though it sounds so simple and tiny now as compared to huge projects like Obstacle detector and Texas Project, this was not the case two years back when I was hardly familiar with how a circuit already given was actually implemented.

We were told about how the circuit should look like but the toughest task was to find the appropriate values of resistors so that current through LED is not to high and not to low. It should give a bright light as well as long life. Finding current through each branch applying the concepts of Norton's and Thevenin's circuits, Nodal equations and Kirchoff's current and voltage laws and checking them practically to be correct was quite exciting.  ( In the process of testing, 4 LEDs had scarified their lives :P)

Even the soldering had been hair pulling thing. Many a times the wires got short and even I burnt my hand once. But once the led worked well all the pain had been forgotten. This was my first step in the world of electronics which motivated me for next level projects.

The Prototype we were given looked like-

After implementing this circuit, we had some more time left for submissions and added an extra yellow LED to indicate the switch was on/off. And the Final Product looked like-

Once when there was a power-cut in hostel, I used this LED to emit a ray of light in sheer darkness and it gave a super- awesome feeling. :))

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