12 October, 2014

[WWCode Gujarat] Blast Your Creativity ! - A Successful launch

Check out the Video here ! 

"Woman Who Code, Gujarat" organized its launch meet up where in students were asked to showcase their creativity. The event was held at 19 August,14' Tuesday at 10 pm in Women HOR of DA-IICT. It was an informal meet where interaction, exchange of ideas and knowledge was witnessed on a great scale.


Around 30 girls showed up, who enthusiastically talked about technology, their interpretation and views, career, goals and their ambitions. We also had a competition wherein they were asked to express their views on the topic 'Women in engineering'. They came up with some wonderful ideas and presented posters, articles, slogans and their own views in the form of short-talks and debates.

The main motto of WWC was to, and has always been to actively encourage woman to code. When asked, they responded saying that they would all like to be a part of WWC. They wanted to make significant contributions to this community and promote it. Refreshments were also provided.

Towards the end of the event, 5 winners were declared and they, along with all others promised to expand the community and attend the future events.

All in all it was indeed a successful event and WWC looks forward to host more such events.

Kuddos to Nidhi Vyas, community manager for contributing to WWC-Gujarat and making this event a success ! :)


  1. You can't even click nice photos... They are very blurry...

  2. Dear Anonymous, Plz send a DSLR to WWC-Gujarat's address !