18 August, 2013

Are We Really Independent ?

15th August 2013:

This is the day when we get up,stand up and salute the tricolored flag that furls high. The entire nation sings national anthem and patriotic songs and share their love for India in various forms like independence day texts, status and posts on social networking sites. The bell of liberty seems to have rung 66 years ago, but looking at the current scenario, I often wonder "are we really independent ?"

In layman's term Independence = Freedom.

But according to me, True Independence = No Corruption + No Bribery + No Inflation + No Rape + No Poverty + No Malnutrition + No Social, Political, Cultural or Environmental evils.

After 66 years of independence, still we are have to protest, arrange for mass agitation to change the government. On contrary, if we were really independent, we just needed the right votes, the right power to go in the hands of right people. So easy to do, yet so seldom. Many citizens do not realize the importance of most fundamental right, the right to vote. We complain about the bad governance and then do nothing to change it. A bad government comes to power because of the good people who do not vote.

From being the ‘Golden Bird’ to being tagged as a poor, under-developed nation, India has faced it all. Till 1947, India was slave of Britishers. In 2013, India still is a slave, slave of our present system. Corruption, we all know about it but cannot do anything because the whole system in itself is corrupt.most Indians detest the whole system of bribery which bleeds our time, efforts, resources and wealth to line the pockets of a corrupt, controlling people. They have held us to ransom because we have not known how to fight the system.

Increased price of goods commodities, services and taxes, the ever increasing inflation has forced the common man to borrow money from banks and other financial institutions. The consequences, of course people have to stand with indefinite debts or either have to cut down on their lifestyle or beg for hike in compliance with inflation to assist them move at the forefront. This scene becomes more worse when inflation attacks the necessity- food and agriculture sector. Poor are not able to afford basic meals and malnutrition among children is increasing. Though, government is introducing various schemes and policies, but they don't seem to work out well.
Here is no job security, no life security. Neither our investments nor our daughters are safe. On every second day, newspaper talks about a new rape-case. We have got freedom of speech, but who is there to listen to the words of common man? The situation prevailing is such, you keep the rights you fight for and lose the rest. There are many loopholes in the system, which can't be counted on finger tips nor can be they listed in one article.

"On one side there was Netaji, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and other side are our present Netajis (Politicians), who are rewarded not because of their WORK but because of their NET-WORK." -Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo)

But, as I said earlier also, this nation is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who do nothing about it. Though I have criticized so much about India, I have no right to speak about the these. Everybody complains about stinking gutter, but very few actually go inside to clean it. I believe, instead of complaining, if you want to change the system, be part of it and then revolutionize it.

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