25 February, 2013

Day 2 @ KDE- Meetup

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As you might have guessed (evident from title also :P) this post is to share about day 2 @ KDE Meetup..

Many people are expecting a huge- writeup for today but I really apologize as I am feeling very exhausted and tired at this moment. Its 2 am over here now, I am feeling very sleepy but I would finish off blogging now only. I think people are waiting eagerly for this post and I don't want you guys to hold on for next couple of hrs as am not sure when I would get some free time tomorrow. I really hate Mondays ! After an amazing weekend, its too hard to go back to lectures, labs and tutorials :( . Okay, I know I have deviated from the topic and coming back, today was sadly, the last day of KDE Meetup.

It began with introduction to Plasma Desktop Environment which was postponed yesterday. +Shantanu Tushar Jha introduced his audience to this familiar desktop environment, a tool required for modern desktop computing experience. Plasma is really cool ! Beautiful looks, pleasant to eyes and once can configure the way he wants just by few mouse clicks here and there. Adding widgets and creating a new activity and customizing how user wants is the thing I appreciate about Plasma desktop. +Shantanu showed his first accepted patch which motivated me and am looking forward to have one of mine very soon :)

Next, the session on KDE-Education Project by Rishabh Arora was worth in terms of taking a start with easy and small applications.

After spending some time talking about Google Summer of Code, Season of KDE and Code-In,+Vishesh Handa delivered a talk about Nepomuk, the social semantic desktop. He demonstrated some of the terms and functionalities like File Indexing, Email Indexing, Instant Messaging, Connecting data together, Ratings, Queries, Data Visualisation and many more things.Though aiming just to introduce user side, he actually scared people at a moment typing some shell command :P

After lunch, Hacking began. Hands-on workshop taught right from cloning a repository, building it from source to how about going around with change a piece of code, debug and actually run what one has modified. Finding which portion of huge source needs to be modified is one of the key features in going about fixing any bug. Today, in the workshop it was the first time I modified some piece of code and actually saw it working correctly. The task when requested Url http://www.google.com was requested it should actually load Url http://www.kde.org in Rekonq browser.

When I approached KDE mailing list for the first time, I was pretty confident enough that I knew C,C++ and other stuffs, but once when I looked real-world coding and Qt, I actually realized that I was in a huge misconception ! Running small lab codes correctly, one can't be call himself proficient programmer. And Yay ! I realized it very soon, before having my B.Tech degree. Most of the people whom I have interacted with have this realization when they join some xyz company.

Lastly, this kind of Meetups are really worthy and they should be organized frequently at different locations to spread awareness far and wide. 


  1. when I visit India next time, teach me Qt ;)

    1. Ishan, find nearby KDE event/group/meetup and learn it :)